What does it mean to be a member of the Home Builders Assocation?  When you join one of the local Home Builders Associations in Utah, you also become a member of the Utah Home Builders Assocation and the National Home Builders Association (NAHB). You have tapped into a vast nation - wide, satewide and local network of professionals in the housing industry.


What does my local Home Builders Assocation do for me?  In Utah, there are currently nine local Home Builders Associations. This is where you get involved in several ways, including membership meetings, committees, sporting events, board meetings, educational classes and the Parade of Homes. More information and calendar of events for each local associations can be found on their respective websites.


What does the National Association of Home Builders do?  NAHB Provides members a strong voice in Washington to protect the housing industry. In addition to its lobbying effots, NAHB also provides professional educational opportunities and industry resources that are second to none. To review the vast resources NAHB offers, you can go to www.nahb.org.


What does the Utah Home Builders Association do for me?  The Utah Home Builders Association is the advocate for the housing industry to the Utah State Legislature and the other state regulatory agencies including the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing and the Utah State Codes Commission. As the voice for the housing industry, the Utah Home Builders Association is deeply involved in the political process including raising political action funds and contributing to housing friendly political canidates.


What types of things has the Utah Home Builders Association done in its lobbying efforts?  Some examples of things the Utah Home Builders Association has successfully accomplished through its lobbying efforts:

  • Eliminated monetary limits.
  • Eliminated school impact fees.
  • Limited other types of impact fees and established a procedure for local governemtns to enact impact fees.
  • Helped create the Utah Private Property Ombudsman to protect private property owners on eminent domain and land use issues.
  • Assisted in the creation of the State Construction Registry to procide an on - line billboard for preliminary notices.
  • Work with the Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing to implement the continuing education requirement for contractors.
  • Work with the Uniform Codes Commission in the implementation of the Residential Construction Code along with the other building codes in Utah.
  • Provide numerous amendments to the Residential Building Code, including less restrictive stair geometry.
  • Work with the local governments to improve the manor and method for development and building procedures.
  • Prevented overreaching legislation trying to preserve open space in Utah that would have crippled the industry.
  • Protect private property rights generally.

Parade of Homes

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